Effy - Short Voice Share & Group Voice Chat

Create Short Voice, Share, and Have Fun

30 Sec VOICE

Here voice, swap stories, share secrets, and more! Convert to text for read and listen.


Reply others voice to your real voice and assert


Start a live stream and chat with new friends


Easly navigate whole voice that converted to text from live


Follow #hashtags and listen to what happen. #HOT #Vibes #ChillHang #TBH #Ask #Anime

Effy is the easiest way to create and share content with your voice. Anybody can create and share a live audio broadcast with others, it only takes a few seconds! Interactive broadcasts make it easy to engage with your stream listeners on chat or invite them on your broadcast as a guest speaker. Or follow other streamers and share your thoughts on their broadcast! Use the app to voice chat with others live, broadcast a live radio, read stories, host quizzes or play live music! There are so many ways to have fun with Effy! *** Voice Chat Room Chill & Chat. Join group voice chat room or create your own LIVE Chat. Party & Chat in your favourite room. We enable people to showcase themselves, and stay connected in a positive, healthy, and creative way. *** Share Short Voice Share a short 30 second voice with everyone. You can like it, mention it, re-post it. *** Read the Voice All voices are converted into text for easy listening & reading by Speech to text. *** Selective & Amazing Virtual Gifts We have selected the rightful gifts to express yourself properly. You will be WOW! *** Share and Follow Share your favorite ROOMS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more, inviting friends and new followers. *** No ads / No subscriptions / Always free Forever free! Start broadcasting your voice to the world – download Effy today!

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